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Links Not Working

Added shitsngigglesthrow 3-01-2021, 03:13
Thank you for everything you do for this site. I have noticed that some new and old links do not work. Specifically, when the "Coyote Ugly" logo is around the dropdown box, it doesn't work. Is there a way to fix this or is it something on my end. I am using Chrome as an FYI.
Added coyote 3 January 2021 08:03
I removed the coyote ugly logo. now instead of him a link home. What other links don't work for you? I'll check everything. I also use chrome.
Added shitsngigglesthrow 3 January 2021 13:39

So for instance, the logo is right where the dropdown for the links would be, so I can't actually click on the drop down.

Also, would it be possible to just dispaly all of the links and not have to click the initial drop down link. This wouls mean only clicking on the links you wanted a preview of.
Added coyote 3 January 2021 20:59
please take a screenshot. I just checked and everything is displayed and works correctly for me.
Added shitsngigglesthrow 4 January 2021 22:01
Here is a screenshot

Where the logo is, I am unable to click to see the links. This happens on other links as well.
Added coyote 5 January 2021 11:05
try on the page to press the key combination ctrl + F5
Added shitsngigglesthrow 5 January 2021 14:48
OK, that worked. I'll clear out the cache
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